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Shauna Sapper

San Francisco, CA, USA


This sweet friend has been defending our feeder for a couple days now. He eats just fine, and has plenty of energy to yell at other hummers that try to come by the feeder, despite his crooked beak. 🙂

Anna’s Hummingbird With Deformed Beak

One reply on “Anna’s Hummingbird with Deformed Beak”

Tchartc says:

Female (I believe Anna’s) hummingbird at our backyard feeder and on nest. It appeared to have a very thin, short, upward hook attached to the tip of its beak (similar but thinner than your photos). When I used binoculars, I clearly saw a T- or Y-shaped, very thin, extension on the end of the beak. Unfortunately I could not get a photo with sufficient resolution. Is this a deformity? rare? related to nesting? Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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