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Nancy Clogston

Eugene, OR, USA


This Anna’s Hummingbird does not retract its tongue. I have seen him for the last 4 days at the feeder. I don’t know if it is the same hummingbird who has been bathing in my bubbler every morning for the last month. Because of seeing 5 sick birds within 2 weeks I have taken down all my feeders except for the easily cleaned and sterilized hummingbird feeders and I have drained the bubbler. I am trying to learn how to keep the bubbler clean and safe.



Anna’s Hummingbird With Non-retracting Tongue

Anna's Hummingbird with non-retracting tongue

One reply on “Anna’s Hummingbird with Non-retracting tongue”

JD says:

Chances are the hummingbird has been feeding at a feeder where honey was used instead of white sugar and spores have grown on the birds tongue and throat. The birds will not be able to eat and will die.

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