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Lisa Cebull

Vermilion, OH, United States


I was surprised to look out one morning and see this beautiful pair perched in my yard! We have multiple eagle’s nests in vermilion but there is one about a quarter mile from my house so I think this is that pair. There’s a stand of trees along the vermilion river on top of a cliff and as many as 17 eagles have been spotted there at a time. Adults and juveniles. It’s so exciting to see that many when eagles were almost extinct. I didn’t see my first eagle in the wild until I was an adult. Now we see them all the time here. They love to get fish from the lake. I’ve even seen one carrying a snake!


Predatory birds


Bald Eagles

One reply on “Bald Eagles”

I live in Texas and there was a Bald Eagle flying around a couple days ago. There are just very few where I live. I love the picture they are so pretty.

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