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Julia Lucas

St. Louis, MO, USA


I just bought my camera a month ago, so I am a beginner, and I tried to focus not just on the birds but also on the composition and features such as camouflage, behavior, and interactions with other birds – or squirrels – and how the birds interact in the habitat of my backyard. These photos are purposely focused upon the immediate surroundings of the feeders, as opposed to the feeders themselves, as the birds await their turns – in this case, the same giant tree right by my feeders. All of these photos are either on or right next to this particular tree, which you can see in each picture. For the ground foragers, they tend to land on the fence or the bottom of the trunk before beginning their forage.




Birds In Their Backyard Habitat – The Tree Series

The Adversary

One reply on “Birds in their Backyard Habitat – The Tree Series”

Julia, I love habitat pictures of birds because,, they become unique..
and also a signature of its observer..
I particularly loved, the Patient Nuthatch,, because, of size of the tree on which it is climbing.. It is so much more powerful.. because, we see the maturity of the tree,
the species of the tree because of the leaves, and the depth of the bark..

Those picture,, actually stay with me..visually alot more.. than just,,an ID,,picture
of a bird..Thanks for your comments, on how you like, see and feel about what makes
FeederWatch the extension of so much more..and most of all.. thanks for sharing it..

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