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Kathy Olson

Holden, MA, USA


I’ve never had Blue Birds in my yard before (been here 40+ years) and it is not their optimum habitat. It is a suburban neighborhood with 1/3 acre lots & my yard is small with lots of trees in the back. But, this pair have been visiting my suet feeders (front & back yards) for 3 plus weeks now in April and I’m loving it!! I was delighted to see the House Finch and Goldfinch in the background, after I had taken the picture.



Blue Birds (plus House Finch & Goldfinch)

Blue Bird pair visiting suet plus House Finch and Goldfinch on feeder in the background.

One reply on “Blue Birds (plus House Finch & Goldfinch)”

Richard says:

I witnessed two male bluebirds at our blue bird nesting box and others chatting in the background !! (Late Sept 2023) very exciting ! Yup ! I enjoy seeing this wonderful species!!!!

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