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Texas Bird Family

Katy, TX, USA


I had 10 (exact count) Blue Jays at the feeder. 9 juveniles and 1 male. This juvenile was notably darker and lacked wing markings. A hybrid would be REALLY hard since I’m in Texas but this doesn’t look like a pure Blue Jay. Any ideas?


Blue Jay X Steller’s Jay Hybrid?

Juvenile Blue Jay x Steller's Jay?

7 replies on “Blue Jay x Steller’s Jay hybrid?”

Steller’s x Blue Jay (hybrid):

Texas Bird Family says:

It does look like a hybrid, I’ve never seen a jay like this before.

An unusual summer flock of blue jays came today. There was a few juveniles that looked almost like this one. I will try to photograph and post it. We do not have any Steller’s Jays here either (western species).

Texas Bird Family says:

Also note the dark under the tail, dark gray head and belly, and lack of wing bars. Note: This is not a lighting issue, I never alter my photos or edit accept for very rarely cropping very distant shots.

Leonard says:

Did not get a pic but just had a similar sighting in Windcrest (San Antonio), Tx.

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