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Joseph Schanno

Rehoboth Beach, DE


It started on Mon., the14th and was active yesterday, the 15th of Jan.on my yard and surrounding areas there were flight after flight of mixed species, of robins, grackles, cow birds and red winged blackbirds. there were also flights of smaller birds but did not get close enough to identify. the flocks came out of the south, landed in the deciduous tree tops and rested for a brief period and flew down to lawns and feeders for a meal and then headed north.these flights were repeated over and over until about 2:30 pm and then they were gone for the far i have not seen any flights today. this happens every year at this location but usually more into feb.this has been a very mild winter here in rehoboth,de.the high temp.on mon.was 64 degreesF.

Brown-headed Cowbird

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