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David Tanguay

Windham, ME, United States


Have two C.Wrens that have made their winter home the shrubs around the house. I have feeders with meal worms, but, always throw a handful in the corner of the house and watch the wrens pop out to feed.


C . Wren On Mealworms

Wren with its dinner

4 replies on “C . Wren on mealworms”

I, have no such luck, have tried meal worms,, in your next page,, give us insight..
The mealworms, I, feed are simply left.. should they be fed in feeders. or on the ground?

great picture of the Wren..

Dave Tanguay says:

Interesting, I spread them around. Some on the ground, some in plant pots on the porch, some in mixed seed/worm feeders, some in the bows of my Christmas wreath and some just in worm feeders. The following have come in for worms: Blue birds, Blue Jays, Titmouse, Chickadees, and the C. Wren. Blue Jays and Titmouse prefer the worm feeder, Chickadees and Wrens prefer to scratch around in the leaves and ground under the shrubs. I started three years ago with blue birds and found that the other birds continued to raid the feeders for the worm, so just started buying in bulk and feeding them all. Dave

Many thanks Dave, for this detailed and well explained reason for your continued success.
will definitely follow your directives. Cheers,

Dave Tanguay says:

You’re welcome, Hope that over time they find the worms interesting. Dave

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