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Bob Vuxinic -

Crossville, TN, United States


The Droll Yankee company sells what they call the “Tweet Spot Dish” (I know, almost TOO cutsie), which is a small suction-cup window feeder, about the size of half of a saucer. They are nice if you like to have the birds come right up to your window for small amounts of seeds, mealworms, fruit or water. I received three of them and put them on different windows with just a sampling of dried mealworms in each. I was hoping that my Bluebirds that are wintering-over would find them, but they haven’t visited yet. However, the Carolina Wrens have found the feeders and really appreciate the mealworms which they also consider treats. I set up my camera inside one window to catch the traffic at one of the little feeders.


Carolina Wren Finds Mealworms

Carolina Wrens on a window feeder

One reply on “Carolina Wren finds mealworms”

Thomas Booth says:

I’ve got a wren that I’ve friended in my back yard..for the pass 3 years the bird has been very very friendly actually has followed me around the yard an will sit near me when I’am out back reading.Actually a pair I’ve been feeding them live mealworms. They have many different sounds and calls has been quite a joy. They will look in the windows in the room that I’am in and belief at times seems as if they are cslling me.

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