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Yvonne Burch-Hartley

Glendale, CA, United States


As I was sitting in my living room this Cooper’s Hawk swooped through the open french doors and ended up perched above the window in our soon-to-be painted dining room. We were both pretty surprised to be in this predicament. I managed to open all the doors he could access, and he flew back outside, but not until he’d knocked over and smashed a few vases. I snapped this picture while he was catching his breath after failing to get through the breakfast nook window. Very exciting!


Predatory birds


Cooper’s Hawk

Surprised Hunter: Cooper's Hawk swoops into the house

One reply on “Cooper’s Hawk”

LauraFinazzo says:

Wow, what a great story and a happy ending, except the smashed vases, of course! Great photo, too.

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