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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


Dark-eyed Junco Female

Female Dark-eyed Junco gets a treat from a tray feeder

3 replies on “Dark-eyed Junco female”

Elizabeth Wyman says:

Are DE Juncos getting Rare? I can’t believe it!! They used to flock to my feeders between 2000 and 2010 in Chicago, on the south side lakefront. After that, we left our big backyard (and house). I can’t believe they are rare- they’re shyer birds (like Cardinals), so perhaps they just aren’t seen.

I live in Boston, now. We want to add plants to draw in birds. What should we put down for the cardinals and juncos? They are some of my favorite birds. Also, in Boston, we have heard reports of Goldfinches from teh Arnold Arboretum (we’re a half mile away). The goldfinches don’t make it to the nyger seed I’ve put out. Where should I hang the feeder? I don’t want to just feed sparrows….

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Elizabeth. Dark-eyed Juncos are not a rare species, however many birds have certain habitat requirements. If your new property is more urban than your previous property, that could be a factor into why you are seeing less juncos. Keep in mind, in both cities, juncos are usually only seen in winter, and on migration. However, it’s possible that it was more likely for you to see flocks of migrating juncos along the lakefront, rather than in the city of Boston. In any case, you can try attracting them to your yard with native plants and by providing the right kinds of bird seed. House Sparrows unfortunately will eat almost any seed, but we have some tips on how to deter them in our 2018-2019 Winter Bird Highlights (page 4). You can also use our Common Feeder Birds tool to view what each kind of bird species prefers for bird seed. For example, nyjer seed will attract both juncos and goldfinches, as well as sunflower seed.

Jacalyn Aube says:

I’ve have a female junco at my feeder in central Vermont
I also have goldfinch, cardinals (male and female) a flicker, rosefinch, house sparrows and mourning doves.
I find a good mixed seed like kaytee fruit and nut or kaytee backyard birds is best for attract ing a variety of species. Don’t buy the cheap supermarket stuff. Get it at a hardware store or Walmart

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