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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


Acrobatic maneuvers as a intimidation, to move on.. out of crow’s territory..
subjecting the hawk to distraction, and testing the patience and focus of the hawk..
The crow was constantly very close and kept hawk in sight.. while the hawk, actually turned its back on
the crow’s moves and choreographic plodding displays .

Duration.. 2 far..

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Derring-do Dwo…

American crow maintaining position near hawk..

One reply on “Derring-do dwo…”

see computer languages… high-level languages.. or even low-level languages tasks-
or a language INDEPENDANT…. such as domain languages- vs.. visual languages..
some languages belong to multiple categories..
and that is the reason i, misspelt Duo.. and inserted DWO.

Arguments with side-effects for a macro. the same name generates a WARNING..
2 macros not identical and will generate a warning……

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