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Laura Finazzo

Orono, MN, United States


All About Birds say that it’s hard to attract Bluebirds to feeders unless there are meals worms. The Bluebirds that nest in our yard frequent the feeders, both seed and suet, and so do their offspring. Not only that, but they dive at the Pileated woodpeckers when they’re on the suet feeder.


Eastern Bluebirds

2 replies on “Eastern Bluebirds”

My Bluebirds do the same here in Tennessee—they eat everything that I put out. But I have never seen them making an aerial attack on a Pileated before. This is a wonderful photo!

Laura says:

Thank you, Bob! They had 2 broods this year, the first had 3, the second had only one. They are so darling to watch!

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