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Alton & Brenda Ketch

Stockholm, Maine, United States


This is a pigment-challanged Evening Grosbeak who frequented our feeding station this winter, usually with large groups of other grosbeaks. He is a bright yellow color, lacking the black in his feathers.

Evening Grosbeak

This is a pigment-challenged Evening Grosbeak at our feeder this winter, in northern Maine.

3 replies on “Evening Grosbeak”

Brenda Ketch says:

This Evening Grosbeak arrived in our yard on January 16, 2015, with a large group of other Evening Grosbeaks. He visited our feeders almost daily until February 21, the last time we’ve seen him here. He looks like a large canary, and has very little black in its feathers.

Valerie says:

Super cool!!

Boyd Winsor says:

I have an oddball lemon colored evening gross beak with white wings and white tail feathers visiting my feeders. He/she is always with a flock and very alert to a sharp shinned hawk which has been doing quite well.

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