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michael tuvell

Provo, UT, USA


this bird hit my window , have a rose bush around the window i guess it was heading there and now it’s sitting in the bush recovering , and i can’t really id it but it does look similar to a female hooded oriole . they are not supposed to be this far north .




Female Hooded Oriole In Provo , UT ?

is thi a female hooded oriole ? it's from Provo , UT and they are not supposed to be this far north ...thanks for any input .

2 replies on “female hooded oriole in Provo , UT ?”

Texas Bird Family says:

If a bird hits your window and doesn’t fly away after you go near you should put it in a dark box with a few holes for air. Do not try to feed the bird. Call your nearest wildlife center for advice as it is illegal to have wild birds unless you have their permission. After an hour, open the box outside, if the bird flies away, great if not, then bring the bird back inside and try again a few more times. If the bird doesn’t fly away or is unconscious or stunned bring it to a wildlife rehabilitator. Most birds die of an injury, brain damage, or internal bleeding. Stunned birds if not rescued often get eaten by hawks or cats.

Texas Bird Family says:

Female Orchard Oriole.

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