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Texas Bird Family

Katy, TX, USA


This finch has been here since yesterday evening and has been here all day without leaving. She is very fluffy and shows signs of respiratory disease such as being puffed up, gasping air, choking, and acting clumsy. She doesn’t have any visible signs of illness (eye disease, avian pox etc.). Any idea what I can do to help her? If it is respiratory disease then it’s 100% fatal. This finch has been coming to the feeder since we started (2022) and has had this problem once before and recovered.




Female House Finch With Possible Respiratory Disease

Female finch gasping for air at the birdbath

One reply on “Female House Finch with possible respiratory disease”

Texas Bird Family says:

After watching her more I think that she might have something stuck in her throat due to her difficulty in breathing, drinking, and eating.

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