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Patricia Weier

Park Rapids, MN, USA


All of our feeding locations saw a lot of activity after two heavy snowfalls within a week. More of our Canadian visitors are showing up.

Fueling Up After A Heavy Snow

This noisy woodpecker dominates the feeding area.

2 replies on “Fueling up after a heavy snow”

Cousin Jack says:

Thought this was in Canada? Do we nog have Canadian photos anymore??. Just Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec or the good old U.S..

Love to see bird? From the other provinces/territories. Just for a little.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi, Photos are accepted to this gallery from anywhere in the world, though FeederWatch participation is only available to US and Canadians. Any photos you see posted here are submitted by the photographers themselves – so, if you’re not seeing photos from certain provinces, it means no one from those provinces are submitting photos.

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