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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, United States


A heated water dish provides the only open water when it’s below zero in the winter.


Goldfinch Drinks

American Goldfinch

2 replies on “Goldfinch drinks”

Nicole says:

great photos… I was wondering, how do you take these? Do you use a bird cam, or are you actually sitting outside with a camera? thanks, ~nicole

Bob Vuxinic says:

Well, Nicole, I’m a little too old, and a little too lazy to spend lots of time out of doors, especially in freezing weather. However, I have also learned that birdcams don’t take good enough photos, and shooting through window glass creates just enough distortion and reduction of light that the photo quality suffers. Which means that, in my opinion, one can’t have anything come between the camera lens and the birds. In this specific case, the heated water dish is on my back porch railing, just 6 feet from a window. I sawed a board to fit snugly in the open window and cut a hole in the board that I stick my camera lens through, then just waited for a bird to visit the water dish. For my other recent shots of ground-feeding birds in my snowy backyard, my camera and I DID spend two hours a day in a tent photo-blind in 12-degree temps…it was not comfortable, but I only see certain birds when there is snow on the ground, so that was the only way, but I was pleased with the photos. If you want any further detail, email me:

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