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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, United States


I spent a day in one spot where there was a lot of bird activity. The males goldfinches pictured might look like they are all the same bird, but they’re not…they are different birds at different times. I kinda liked all the shots, so I uploaded them to the same submission here. Even though the males have gotten past their bright yellow breeding coloration, their yellow throats still make it easy to distinguish them from the females.


Goldfinch Males In The Branches Of A Tree

Male American Goldfinch in non-breeding coloration

3 replies on “Goldfinch males in the branches of a tree”

Dottie Dwyer says:

Good morning. You were able to catch some much nicer shots than I did of the Goldfinches in the middle of their color change. I was surprised the day I came across the ones in my yard. I had never observed them changing color before. Nice shots. Dottie Dwyer

Bob Vuxinic says:

Thank you, Dottie. I would like to take the credit, but the fact is that the Goldfinches in my yard are like a mini-irruption reserved just for me…there are so many of them that just about anywhere I point my camera, there will be a Goldfinch in it. I’ve talked to other people in the vicinity, and it seems that this super-abundance of Goldfinches is occurring only around my house.

Chuck Stock says:

Having a Goldfinch Irruption in our yard this year (2020 winter) . Over 100 for at least two months and then they suddenly dropped off to only a couple visiting our feeders. We live in Western NH along the CT river south of Hanover NH. The local Coopers Hawk liked it! Not sure if others are seeing this irruption in this area and year.

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