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Bridget Williamson

Sewell County House Road, NJ, United States


I’m looking for help identifying this bird.


Predatory birds


Help! Is This A Sharp-shinned Hawk Or Cooper’s Hawk?

4 replies on “Help! Is this a Sharp-shinned Hawk or Cooper’s Hawk?”

Bridget Williamson says:

The legs look “pencil-like” so perhaps it is a Sharp-shinned Hawk?

Bridget Williamson says:

The eyes appear to be towards the front of the head. Maybe it is Cooper’s Hawk?

Aleene Jones says:

Sharp-shinned Hawk; take note of the pencil thin legs and the dark hood like, on top of head, extends into the back. A Coopers sports a Dark Cap only and thicker legs.

Great Photos, Thumbs-up!!!

Bridget Williamson says:

Thanks for your help Aleene!

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