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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


For people in big cities like Chicago, where I used to live, House Sparrows are bane. They exist in such numbers that they mob feeders, emptying them in record time and agonistically fight off other birds that would like to use the feeders. Many people that I know simply abandon putting up bird feeders for that reason. I’ve been in Tennessee for 18 years now, and this photo shows only the 4th visit in that period of time that I’ve seen a House Sparrow at one of my feeders…I feel so lucky!!



House Finch And House Sparrow Males

A male House Sparrow joins a male House Finch at a feeder

2 replies on “House Finch and House Sparrow males”

Texas Bird Family says:

I have had House Sparrows pretty much every day at my feeders since February 2022. I enjoy watching them. I have no idea how they can empty a feeder. They open seeds like finches, one seed at a time. I have around 20 to 25 with tons of babies.

Texas Bird Family says:

My sparrows mainly eat millet, milo, and corn.

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