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Katherine Young

Boulder, CO, United States


As a participant in Project Feeder Watch, I know you are interested in disease in feeder birds so I am submitting a photo that shows a house finch with an abnormal beak.



House Finch With Abnormal Beak

House finch with an abnormal growth on beak

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  • Dear Katherine Young. from Boulder..
    I, am but. a grateful observer, of the wonderful birdfeederwatch.. and your picture is,,
    highly different, .. I, would suggest that even though the subject is of a sensitive matter
    that,, perhaps you may wish to report this,, as .. and as you have probably done so..

    Every observation,, is important.. and unusual cases. may provide very important information..

    issues.. which may or may not be explained , observed and or.. ..
    your feedback is always important.. and, as a bird feeder.. my observations have always..had a careful and immediate investigation with the proper designation authorities.. never underestimate.. your observations.. they will be.. with highly noted ornithologists.. be viewed.. I, strongly suggest..

    Always submit.. a sick bird report..and ask to submit to sick bird report your perception of such an occurance..

    ad,tr.qc.. a fellow bird feeder watcher. and not an expert in these matters..

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