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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, United States


A pair of House Wrens have taken over one of my Bluebird nesting boxes. I’ve noticed them coming and going, so I set up my chair-blind near the box in hopes of getting at least one decent shot. I sat there for about two hours as the bird came and went, bringing bugs back to the box…obviously feeding nestlings within.
Inside the blind my view was confined to that small area right around the box’s entrance hole on which I had to keep my camera trained, so I never had any forewarning of when the bird would make its appearance either coming or going. I only had a second to try for a shot as the bird popped out of the hole and flew off, or came back and quickly popped back into the box…I wasn’t optimistic about my chance of getting a good photo.
I took a number of shots, but I never knew whether I had caught a decent photo…didn’t know if I had had an entire bird in the frame, or if it was in focus, or blurred by movement. When I viewed the photos on the computer I was overjoyed that I had gotten this photo…I couldn’t have hoped for a better one, given the situation. Sometimes, when you work at it, you get lucky and get the photo you wanted to get. This was one of those times.


House Wrens Takes Over A Bluebird Nesting Box

House Wren returns to nest with food

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