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Carole Swann

Smyrna, TN, United States


At first, it looks like some Northern Cardinals

How Many Birds In This Photo?

At first, I thought there were 3 birds - Northern Cardinals. Then, I spotted the House Sparrow

2 replies on “How many birds in this photo?”

Aleene Jones says:

Five-two females in the back ground?

Carole Swann says:

Hi Arleene,

There are 5 but I was counting the 2 House Sparrows with 1 Female Cardinal and 2 Male Cardinals. Good eye Arleene but that red at the top left is a leaf (leaves in the middle that are reddish too). I double checked photos from before and after this one. That red color of the leaves is more in focus on another photo. I do have a lot of females here and males. Thanks for your comment:)

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