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Joan Wiitanen

North Tear Lake Road, Houghton, MI, USA


Yup, black crown & gorgeous bright yellow has begun.



I’m Guessing A Male Goldfinch ;-)

4 replies on “I’m Guessing A Male Goldfinch ;-)”

Texas Bird Family says:

Yes, that’s a male molting into breeding plumage.

Joan Ellen Wiitanen says:

LOL….I was being sarcastic actually. The black cap coming in is a dead give away. Can’t wait for the completed change!!!!! 🙂

James says:

I’ve got a dozen or so males at my feeders here in southern Maryland and they are almost in full breeding plumage now. They are strikingly beautiful.

Joan Ellen Wiitanen says:

I can see Lake Superior out my window & how far north I live, so everything is late for us. Even our lilacs don’t bloom till June! 😉

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