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Middleway, WV, United States


Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk perched near my feeders and waited patiently for almost 2 hours before finally catching a House Sparrow for its meal


Predatory birds


Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk

6 replies on “Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk”

Jeff james says:

I have a juvenile in my yard I’ve watched since a hatchling. 4-6 wks later mom has flown the coup. he looks fit enough to fly but I’ve never seen him so much as spread his wings.

Laura says:

Frequently seen juvenile Cooper’s hawk in our backyard over the Christmas holiday season this year. Has spent time sitting on our fence, lower oak tree branches and on our deck railing.

Connie Moore says:

I have a juvenile Hall right in front of my house when I let my chihuahuas outside it says right all the tree limb and when I put them in the house it flies away I think he’s trying to get them what can I do?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Connie, Cooper’s Hawks mainly eat birds, and even small dogs are likely too big and heavy for them. As for mammals, hawks are more likely to go after small mammals such as mice and voles. That being said, if you’re still concerned, the best thing to do it to keep an eye on your dog when it’s outside, and use a leash.

Connie Moore says:

How do I make the Juvenile Hawk Fly Away?

Loretta Coonan says:

I have seen a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk in my trees for several days now. He calls out constantly. I am wondering if his parents have left and if the juvenile is having a hard time fending for himself. The juvenile is harassed by the blue jays and I have not seen him hunt for food. He flys well and is quite large…but his behavior of constantly calling out seems strange to me. How would you recognize if a juvenile is not thriving well or is in distress?

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