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Roger Desy

Verona, PA, United States


Yesterday, Sunday, working in my computer room, I looked up and saw this head. The camera was on my desk, so, yes! – I got a picture. Then I just kept taking pictures – over a hundred – for the next five minutes or so. Never the like. It let me. A juvenile Red-shouldered hawk was perched on a deck gate about three feet from my window. Cooper’s hawks always flee within thirty feet or more if it knows it’s seen. Red-shouldered hawks seem more tolerant. It was hunting – looking in every direction for prey – above/below/behind, etc. Not a squirrel or bird for that matter anywhere around. But it also studied me and, surprisingly, slowly scanned the room. We both studied each other, trying for a next step we didn’t find. Serendipity nonetheless.

March 2, 2015


Predatory birds

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk Up Close

The Head!

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