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Steven Clark

Kent, WA, United States


A large number of Pine Siskins came to my feeders on November 21, 2017. This particular flock is the largest I have ever seen at my feeders, and this season is the first time in about six years that Siskins have come to my feeders in any quantity larger than just a few.



Lots And Lots Of Pine Siskins

A large flock of Pine Siskins came to feed on the catch screen underneath the mixed seed feeder.

2 replies on “Lots and Lots of Pine Siskins”

Somehow.. just an inkl;ing.. Something tells me.. we will see alot more.. of your pictures during Feederwatch.. because.. the feeder is really interesting stuff…
thanks for sharing..

joanna tousignant says:

im learning too. i have tons of these little guys over the last month

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