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Mathuran Figurado

Mississauga, ON, Canada


I saw this Merlin Falcon on a non-count day. It was too beautiful not to take a few pictures of


Predatory birds


Merlin Falcon – Rare

I think they see me...

4 replies on “Merlin Falcon – Rare”

Frank says:

I think this is a Cooper’s Hawk. They are not rare.

Ava says:

Hi, this is not a Merlin. Merlins have dark eyes and are shorter than the hawk pictured here. This is either a Cooper’s or Sharp-Shinned Hawk.

Alida Grace Vasso says:

yes, i agree. this is not a merlin. a little hard to tell from the picture how big that hawk is, but merlins are smaller than that. and they could be rare, depending on where you live. if you live in New York city, they could be very rare. but seeing as you live in canada, this probably is not a rare sighting.

Alida Grace Vasso says:

she is very beautiful though.

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