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Josh Bell

Londonderry, NH, United States


I wanted to submit a photo of the center piece of my feeding station. I included a description of how my former jungle gym became the ultimate feeding station that it is today in it’s 14th year of service.



My Feeding Station

This is a close up of the center piece of my Feeding Station from this past summer. Since then, I have added brush piles beneath it, another dead log for the top, and 2 more suet feeders to optimize it's functionality for the winter. I have also installed 2 poles (each 10 feet from the left & ride side of the center piece) that hold tube feeders that are not featured in this picture. My sisters and I used to use this Jungle Gym when we were kids. I decided to utilize it to feed birds when i first discovered my passion in 5th grade, Over the past 14 years, it has completely transformed into what it I like to call an ultimate feeding station.

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