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Janice Davis

Ocean City, MD, USA



My Smaller Visitors Ar Very Happy With New Feeder

Carolina Chickadee was happy after feeding at new feeder

3 replies on “My smaller visitors ar very happy with new feeder”

Texas Bird Family says:

Do you have a feeder for the bigger birds too? (Cardinals, grosbeaks, grackles, etc) Big birds need food too.

Janice Davis says:

Yes I do!! The new one is because the big birds, squirrels, deer,raccoons are eating all the food and mangling the feeders. The new one is bigger, much stronger–will see how long it last.The goldfinch love it -they were here all day-so that was a bonus.

Texas Bird Family says:

Thats good. Lots of people only let the little birds eat but the bigger birds like cardinals and Blue Jays also need food

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