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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


With more than 15 species today….,a Very rare occasion. had to remove feeders because 11 mourning doves came to feed.. and not one, but two different species of hawks appeared,, remaining in adjacent park trees..

for over 2 far out of sight.. Crows, signaled position..was then, only able to zoom in..and
realize whereabouts..

New Feeder, Seeds Still Warm..and Safer….

New feeder.

4 replies on “New feeder, seeds still warm..and safer….”

Aleene Jones says:

Great catch of an American Tree Sparrow. Beautiful feeder, very colorful.

Many thanks, That one, was really for you..Aleene

Aleene Jones says:

Thank you, Andree.

Aleene Jones says:

Do you know about the BIRDSPOTTER photo contest run by Project FeederWatch & sponsored by Wild Birds Unlimited?
This wonderful photo has my vote.

Under Community, click on BIRDSPOTTER.

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