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Elizabeth Tiller

Farmington, MN, USA


apparent intergrade northern flicker and sharp-shinned hawk observed during FeederWatch



Northern Flicker Intergrade And Sharp-shinned Hawk

northern flicker, apparent intergrade of yellow-shafted and red-shafted. Had yellow wing linings

2 replies on “Northern Flicker Intergrade and Sharp-shinned Hawk”

Ava Johnson says:

Are you sure it is an intergrade Flicker? Yellow-shafted Northern Flickers have a black whisker, red mark at the back of nape, and yellow shafts (of course). Red-shafted Northern Flickers have a red whisker and red shafts. This Northern Flicker exhibits the normal plumage of a yellow-shafted flicker. I’m not sure about the red in its whisker, it could be a pigment anomaly, but I guess it could be an intergrade. Anyways, great photos!

Kris heinen says:

I’ve got a flicker. With red nape and whiskers what is it

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