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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


While wandering around my yard on October 7, 2020 looking for birds with my camera, I was stunned to see this YELLOW-SHAFTED NORTHERN FLICKER in my Aspen tree in COLORADO!!! He stayed a short time to feed /refuel, & drink in my FeederWatch area! I have the western Red-shafted Northern Flickers as my usual yard residents.

Northern Flicker (YELLOW-SHAFTED) Male In COLORADO!!!

5 replies on “Northern Flicker (YELLOW-SHAFTED) male in COLORADO!!!”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Let’s run an exchange program. I’ve never seen a Red-Shafted here in Tennessee.

Bill Wuerthele says:

Hi Linda,
First of all – nice photo. I have an intergrade male that’s been coming to the yard for several years – gray face and red malar of the Red-shafted form but yellow wing and tail linings of the Yellow-shafted form, no red nape crescent. I keep hoping that a true Yellow-shafted will make its way up the South Platte drainage to Denver. So far, no luck.
Nice find!

Nancy Eckardt says:

That is so cool! I keep hoping to see a yellow-shafted in my yard in Fort Collins.

Justin Starnes says:

I’ve been getting at least 1 true yellow shafted male regularly over the last few weeks in my backyard in Englewood, CO and what appears to be a male intergrade as well! I counted a total of 11 northern flickers at once at sunrise this morning (personal record). I have had a steady group of 8 flickers that have been visiting my feeders since the middle of summer (all red shafted). Interestingly, the yellow shafted newcomers appear to be more territorial of the feeders than the resident red shafted ones I’m accustomed to seeing (they rarely get territorial and share all the feeders very politely). I have videos from my feeder cams if anyone is interested!

We had a Yellow shafted flicker at our suit feeder 4/24/2024 here in NW Ft. Collins. A first for us!

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