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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


While wandering around my yard on October 7, 2020 looking for birds with my camera, I was stunned to see this YELLOW-SHAFTED NORTHERN FLICKER in my Aspen tree in COLORADO!!! He stayed a short time to feed /refuel, & drink in my FeederWatch area! I have the western Red-shafted Northern Flickers as my usual yard residents.

Northern Flicker (YELLOW-SHAFTED) Male In COLORADO!!!

3 replies on “Northern Flicker (YELLOW-SHAFTED) male in COLORADO!!!”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Let’s run an exchange program. I’ve never seen a Red-Shafted here in Tennessee.

Bill Wuerthele says:

Hi Linda,
First of all – nice photo. I have an intergrade male that’s been coming to the yard for several years – gray face and red malar of the Red-shafted form but yellow wing and tail linings of the Yellow-shafted form, no red nape crescent. I keep hoping that a true Yellow-shafted will make its way up the South Platte drainage to Denver. So far, no luck.
Nice find!

Nancy Eckardt says:

That is so cool! I keep hoping to see a yellow-shafted in my yard in Fort Collins.

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