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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


Plunking toilet plungers in snow banks,, is a functional, easy care, no fights, well. the doves love the rubber borders because their feet do not freeze.. I, really hope you enjoy the idea as I enjoyed posting it..
My award will be your laughter.. Happy Valentines…



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Not Easy.. To Get To The Hung Bird Feeders.. When Ice And Snow.. Approx Depth..3 Ft.. So You Think Up Of Things..

Alternative bird feeder...

One reply on “Not easy.. to get to the hung bird feeders.. when ice and snow.. approx depth..3 ft.. so you think up of things..”

Aleene J. Jones says:

Did you say ‘3’ Feet of snow? WOW!!! A great & innovative idea, easy to move around.

I see a Slate-colored Junco enjoying the goodies. Great catch! Good Job!

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