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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, United States


The book says that male House Finches have carotenoid pigmentation ranging in color from pale yellow to bright red, but I never before saw one with the yellow color so pronounced.




Oddly Colored House Finch

House Finch with a rare coloration

One reply on “Oddly colored House Finch”

Chue says:

I rescued a House Finch that was attack by a falcon at my feeder earlier this spring unable to ever fly again due to his injuries I decided to keep him as a pet. He was bright red now that it’s fall he change color to bright yellow. For over 20 years of feeding wild birds I have never came across a yellow House Finch. I’m thinking could it be the change in his diet but I feed him a wide variety of seeds, fruits, and vegetables before he molted into yellow. I will continue to feed him the same feed and see if this coming spring he will change back to red.

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