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Mark Lowry

Lexington, KY, USA


This shot was gotten recently in Madison County KY and was
the ‘point bird’ for what became an absolute mob of waxwings.
I was enjoying the chickadees that were feeding in an isolated
pine tree that I was sitting under when this lone waxwing
appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t long before he began
making those wheezing ‘tree calls’ they often make and within
15 – 20 seconds I was mobbed with about 60 boisterous waxwings
all within 20 – 40 feet of my location! They fed on the abundant
Japanese Honeysuckle and Cedar berries (4 – 15 feet above
the ground!) in my location for about 20 minutes before heading
off to parts unknown. This is perhaps the wildest close encounter
I have ever had with waxwings. I was able to get a number of nice
shots but this is the one that began the party.

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