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Aleene Jones

Juniata Road, Dunbar, PA, United States


Usually pine siskins are a Winter bird,


Pine Siskin In Juniata, Pa.

Pine Siskin in July, that is quite a surprise.

4 replies on “Pine Siskin in Juniata, Pa.”

Yes, Aleene, that’s a surprise. I haven’t seen one for weeks now.

Aleene Jones says:

Pine Siskins, according to ebird, have been spotted all over the state of Pennsylvania.
On another forum, someone suggested Pine Siskins may be extending their range?
Do you think that may be the case?

Nature says:

The pine siskin and house finch are very similar in size and flight pattern. So, how do you tell the difference between them?

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello. Whereas Pine Siskin adults and female House Finches are both brown and streaky, pine siskins have sharp, pointed beaks as compared to thick, conical bill of House Finches. Female House Finches are also heftier than Pine Siskins, have a longer tail, and lack the yellow in the tail and wings that are seen on Pine Siskins.

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