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Clemson, SC


I was visiting my parents in Clemson, SC on 6-18-2020 and observed this guy/gal stop by. It rustled around
in a Dogwood tree for less than a minute and departed as soon as I got the camera out. Only stayed long enough to pose for this one picture. My father said it’s been hanging around lately. Can you help with the I.D.?

Thank you!!


Predatory birds

Please Identify

One reply on “Please identify”

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Clint, This is either a Cooper’s or Sharp-shinned Hawk. The two are notoriously difficult to tell apart, but we have a great guide on our website filled with identification tips for these two species here – click on each row to expand a photo example. Looking at your photo, I see the larger head size, thicker legs, and the appearance of the dark “cap” on the head (rather than a “hood”), which points most likely to a Cooper’s Hawk. Additionally, Cooper’s Hawks are more likely in your location during the breeding season, whereas Sharp-shinned Hawks tend to only visit SC in the winter.

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