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Richard Hodgson

Cannon Beach, OR, United States


I was walking on the beach May 28, 2017 when I saw a group of small birds in the shallow water catching small shrimp. At a distance I thought they were plovers due to their size. When I got closer, I realized they did not have any plover type markings. They were much smaller than a near-by Western Gull, about 11 inches over-all. I only had my cell phone camera with me, so I must apologize for the quality of this photo. When I returned to the house, I had to look up what bird this might be, and it seemed most like a Little Gull, although the Sibley Guide indicates they are very rare in this area. There were a few hooded gulls in a large group beyond the breakers that were probably Bonaparte Gulls as the other possibility.

I would appreciate someone with more expertise telling me the identity of these little guys.

Richard A. Hodgson, MD



Possible Little Gull

Possible Little Gull at Cannon Beach, Oregon May 28, 2017

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