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Carole Swann

Smyrna, TN, United States


Red-bellied Woodpecker Female

Red-bellied Woodpecker Female

This female Red-bellied Woodpecker was very vocal today. I think she wanted more peanuts.

3 replies on “Red-bellied Woodpecker Female”

Well, it looks like the news got around, and that a voice, again raised feeder allotments
and are non-gender-specific where you live also..Great picture,, and , I, just could not resist your opening comment..It was,,just too perfectly sweet.and timely….

Carole Swann says:

Thank you so much. She is a joy to have here. They are eating like mad as it has turned quite cold. Should be warmer Saturday. Thanks again.

Thanks Carole.
Here it is also cold,Trois-Rivieres, which means 3 rivers.Quebec,-14 degrees Celcius..
She is much better with you..All my feeders are frozen, and I cannot get to them..
Keep up and in the meantime. wishing you the best of the season..

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