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Mark Lowry

Lexington, KY, USA


We finally got a break from winter for a couple days and I decided to head to an area in Spencer
County KY near Taylorsville Lake State Park just to kind of get out and about. This area is
usually a great place to photograph deer and other critters but on this day there were a great
many small birds in addition to a few deer that I was photographing. I heard a noise to my left
and was surprised to see this beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk at basically point blank range
putting the ole ‘hawk eye’ on me. I am always amazed at how quite raptors are even when landing
or taking off. Even more remarkable was that he stayed with me for about 5 minutes before
I resumed my outing. It must have been a great hunting area for the hawk because he was
still there when I left! As a note, the clear blue sky in the background really helped accentuated
the hawk’s colors in this shot. A fortuitous bonus shot for me in addition to the deer this day.


Predatory birds

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red-Shouldered Hawk

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