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Our Winter Bird Highlights, summarizing the results from the 2022-23 season, is now online.


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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


I was sitting at my computer this morning when the motion outside the window drew my attention to this Red-shouldered Hawk landing high in one of the trees bordering my yard. I didn’t think he would remain long enough, but I had to at least try…so I got my camera, put on a long lens, mounted it on a tripod, and went out into the yard to a spot where I could get the bird in the viewfinder without any intervening branches in the way. That took me at least 5 minutes. Luckily, being as high up as he was—about 70 feet—the hawk wasn’t threatened by my presence below, so it remained where it was and I was able to get the shot.


Predatory birds

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Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk in the morning

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