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Laura Finazzo

Orono, MN, United States



Ruby-throated Hummingbird

2 replies on “Ruby-throated Hummingbird”

Joey Kubesch says:

when do the hummers vacate Peru, IN.? A Friend told us we must bring in the sugar water to force them to go to a warmer clime.

Yesterday we observed maybe 20 hummingbirds in a sort of “non feeding frenzy,” as they flitted up and down the feeding station–but did not partake. Was that their dance of farewell?

joey kubesch

Laura says:

Hummingbirds can begin their migration in September. We see quite in increase in the numbers of hummingbirds in September and October as they move south. We leave our feeders up until as late as the end of October, early November depending on when the freeze sets in. Hummingbirds will migrate on their own schedule, mostly dictated by light., removing the feeder won’t force them to migrate,but, keeping food available as they pass through will fortify them for their journey south. As for your question about the birds not eating; was the nectar fresh? Were there a ton of bees around the feeder?

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