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Zachary Delmore

Margaree Harbour Village Road, Inverness, NS, Canada


At Margaree Harbour Beach.



Seabird ID (cormorant?, Grebe?, Duck?)

6 replies on “Seabird ID (cormorant?, grebe?, duck?)”

Texas Bird Family says:

Pictures are very blurry but I’d guess Canada Geese and some sort of gull.

Could be Canada Goose. They have been sighted in large numbers in the harbour.

Texas Bird Family says:

They also look small. Kind of like grebes.

These are Canada Goose. Notice the white on wing and darker neck and head.

Texas Bird Family says:

Ok, I see that now. Glad you could identify them!

I also saw 4 yellowlegs (3 Greater and 1 Lesser) the Margaree Harbour Beach on July 21.

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