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Texas Bird Family

Katy, TX, USA


My starlings have gotten used to me near the window. Hoping they stay around!

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Starling And Squirrel Sharing Mealworms

3 replies on “Starling and squirrel sharing mealworms”

Caleb Koser says:

Great on all of your submissions! We have gotten our squirrels away from the feeders. They don’t even try.

Texas Bird Family says:

I used to have around 10 Gray Squirrels. Now I only have 2 or 4 Gray Squirrels and several Fox Squirrels that visit.

Caleb Koser says:

We have a lot of gray and fox Squirrels. In my photos, I have a lot of woods. They eat our plants. Snakes is our problem for birds.

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