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Sujata roy

Morrisville, NC, United States



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The Fall Backdrop With Wintry Mix!

Red n Yellow hues

6 replies on “The fall backdrop with Wintry mix!”

Theresa Nickels says:

Wonderful set of backyard birds! The little bluebird with snow falling is precious!

Sujata says:

Thanks Theresa. the bluebird stands out so well…i love that image too.

Candace Trost says:

Wonderful photos.

Sujata says:

thanks and appreciate the words.

this little guy, just begged for a mention..
and.. well it is.. thanks Sujata for sending us..Such a just.rather different face.. how can he be blue.. when he is so cute…well done.. and pictures such as yours.. show. the different
possible moods of birds which are not easy to capture..If, I may say moods..
I, Wonder if scientifically..mood pictures of birds.. is allowed,,
whatever, this picture.. is one of those.. very good ones..and it is a great one..

Sujata says:

Thanks . for such lovely words and I do try to capture the bird moods and also observe their beahviour closely…its a remarkable activity and do like to photograph them in different settings.

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