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Katy, TX, USA


The Peep and Mrs. Peep!! Today The Peep showed up with Mrs. Peep. He has been singing nights for some time and it finally paid off! I saw two mockingbirds on the fence, assuming it was a mother and baby, and snapped two quick photos before they flew away. Upon review of the photos, I saw that it was not a mother and fledgling, but The Peep and a female mockingbird! The female came back shortly after and shortly after that they both came back and did courtship displays. The Peep sat higher than her on a stake and then flew, colliding with her, locking claws and wings until The Peep broke free and fanned out his tail on the fence while running like a fledgling. Mrs. Peep watched then The Peep flew back on a stake next to her and flew to different stakes. Mrs. Peep then flew away and The Peep followed. Then a while after The Peep sang a short, song of a call between a yellowlegs and a normal Peep call and flashed his wings while he dive into a tree.

By the way. I posted something about The Peep and why the mockingbird is the state bird of Texas weeks ago with other pictures which already posted. Why did it not post?

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The Peep And Mrs. Peep!

The Peep (left) and Mrs. Peep (right)

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