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Texas Bird Family

Texas, USA


The Peep is a mockingbird who wasn’t really taken care of by his parents and didn’t have time to train with his father. (His father disappeared) He never learned to eat any wild food but caterpillars and is dependent on my food. He comes every day multiple times a day for peanut butter. He had a hard life as a fledgling (he got beat up by two male mockingbirds and nearly starved) The Peep has to deal with “The Adversary” (Another young male mockingbird who lives with starlings, yes, starlings, he lives with them and tells them to mob my Peep) and Magnolia. (A female mockingbird who likes The Peep but my Peep doesn’t really like her since he’s too young)

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The Peep Eating Peanut Butter

The Peep eating his peanut butter

One reply on “The Peep eating peanut butter”

Texas Bird Family says:

I wrote “The Peep’s Don’t Mess with Texas look” not “The Peep’s”

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