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mila kedz

Collierville, TN, USA


As I sat at my window early in the morning, a thirsty Tufted Titmouse came to try my new birdbath, posing and drinking, with tiny drops glistening on his beak.

After a nice lunch of Earthworms this Brown Thrasher decided to take a little break hiding in the bushes.

The Thirsty Tufted Titmouse At A Birdbath

3 replies on “The Thirsty Tufted Titmouse at a Birdbath”

Leokadia W Kedzierska says:

Beautiful picture

Kitty says:

Wonderful photos! It seems like it would take a lot of patience to take them. I like the drop of water on his beak. The Thrasher looks a little cold. Brrrr…

Theresa Moffitt says:

Such great winter pictures. Love the way the colors work together.

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